Top Ten Reasons to Buy Our Windows

  1. Energy Savings – The most popular reason to buy replacement windows is the amount of money that you can save. The average person’s heating and cooling costs will drop by a whopping 35%. To put that in perspective, if you’re spending $5000 a year on air conditioning, you’ll save $1750 — enough for a high quality flat screen television.
  2. It’s Green – The energy savings are good for both your bank account and the environment. You’ll be using less natural gas and less electricity as your new windows will be able to keep the heat in and the cold out — or vice versa for those hot summers.
  3.  Raise Your Home’s Value – More and more people are focusing on home improvements that not only benefit their living conditions, but also their home’s resale value. Replacing old, cracked windows with sparkling new ones is estimated to increase your home’s value by around 96% of the price of the new window.
  4. No More Chilly Breezes – Old fashioned aluminum or wood windows may not close completely. This leaves a small crack that cold winter air can whistle through, not only causing you to pay higher heating bills, but to be uncomfortable sitting by the window. The reverse is true in summer, as your house heats up due to cracks in the insulation.
  5. Peace and Quiet – If you live near a busy road, you know what it’s like to wake up at six in the morning on your day off — not because you wanted to, but because you can hear rush hour traffic outside. Insulated windows are much better at eliminating noise, allowing you to get the sleep you deserve.
  6. Old Windows Break Easily – You can attest to this if you live anywhere near a baseball diamond. Modern day windows are made to ensure that they can put up with a lot of punishment. No longer will you have to worry every time kids set up to play ball.
  7. Old Windows Are Dangerous – An alarming amount of old windows contain lead paint, which is dangerous to everyone, but especially to young children. Also, the inefficient sealing that most old windows use can allow moisture to seep in, leading to an expensive and unhealthy mold problem.
  8. Security – You’ve seen it happen over and over in the movies — a criminal approaches a suburban house, takes a rock and breaks the window. The glass in new replacement window is far more difficult to break, providing your family with additional security against dangerous predators.
  9. They Open – This may seem like an obvious point, but consider how many times you’ve struggled to push up an old window. New windows are designed to be easy open, easy close, which means no more struggling and looking ridiculous.
  10. They Look Good – You can walk down the street and tell which houses have new windows. They look beautiful. From the inside there’s no more water stains to hinder your view, instead the clearness let’s you see how beautiful your backyard really is.

What are you waiting for?
Replacing old windows is actually going to put money back in your pocket. Not only do they raise your home’s value, but the money you save on heating and air conditioning in the first two years will be enough to cover the cost of replacing the windows. In homes today, installing new windows is one of the best investments you can make


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